5 Key Factors for Planning a Successful Corporate Event

5 Key Factors for Planning a Successful Corporate Event at fraserview banquet hall

A successful corporate event reflects on the success of a company at various levels. Whether you are planning a small workshop, a corporate Diwali celebration or an international seminar, it pays to plan with close attention to detail. This reflects well on the vision of both the employers and employees who plan, leading to a good impression among clients, and consequently, business expansion. However, planning a corporate event is not easy.

There are many technical aspects to consider. When things are not delivered on time, it can be stressful and challenging. If the outcome is successful, the entire office is given credit, but one person is often singled out if things don’t go as expected. Plan with care to make sure yours is an impactful one. A little help from professionals can go a long way.

Fraserview Banquet Hall, the experienced leaders in event planning in Vancouver, BC, helps you identify a few beneficial strategies to ensure success.

5 Factors to Plan an Impactful Corporate Event

Whether you are part of the company’s organizing team or are teaming up with an event planner, it is critical to keep a few things in mind to drive success.

Define Objectives

Make sure the organizers are aware of the event’s main objectives. What is the purpose of hosting it? How will it add value to the company? Fix the date, venue, budget, and agenda first. Every clients’ needs are different. For example, while one client may expect a fun setting for a festive Diwali or Vaisakhi celebration, another may expect the proceedings to be more formal. List all requirements clearly. Translate them into operational actions. Make sure to keep matters as simple as possible. Not everyone is equipped to carry out complex plans to perfection.


Things happen when you are busy planning on a large scale. Be kind; be accommodating of changes and be flexible. Keep an open mind with options laid out if matters don’t work out as expected or if deliveries are delayed. If you rigidly stick to Plan A, you might create unnecessary stress that can affect those around you and subsequent results. Keep extra time on hand for program schedules. Plan ahead with realistic expectations.

Delegate Duties

The biggest mistake in event planning is attempting to do everything yourself or allowing someone to do the same. Delegate responsibilities between several small groups. This builds individual commitment and team spirit.

  • Appoint an on-site lead who takes charge throughout the event and creates a checklist, mentioning all the activities that need to be planned.

  • Designate a project manager and small teams to look after different areas such as tools setup, music, event activities, awards ceremony, travel requirements, logistics, food, decor, registration, client feedback, etc.

  • Appoint account managers for each group to report to.


For your event to make an impact, you must have innovation, creativity, clarity, and exclusiveness. An event is the time that a company can showcase their advancements and strengths. Hire experts who know the job. Be bold and creative in your ideas and decor. Make sure the menu impresses, taking diverse tastes into consideration. Make sure the activities align with the objectives and budget set for the event. Create an events page on Facebook to let out the word, note RSVPs, and create a social buzz. The more people know about it, the merrier!

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