Say “I do” Without Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Weddings are incredibly joyful occasions. Breathtaking flowers, astonishing venues, delicious food, special ceremonies, and overjoyed guests mark a beautiful beginning of the bride and groom’s life together. However, the remarkable occasion doesn’t come easy and requires months of planning and work.
The countless elements that are needed to be considered while putting together a wedding paves the way for some common mistakes. Before you get ready to tie the knot, consider a few blunders that can easily be avoided.

First, Set a Budget

We get it; discussing the finances with your family and fiance is not the most romantic way to kickstart your wedding planning, but it needs to done! A detailed and realistic outline will help you keep an account of the allocation of your funds. Remember, all wedding-related things are extravagant that make it incredibly easy for you to get tempted and spend more than you can afford. A stringent budget will keep you grounded.

Realistic Guest List

The time-old speculation states that 10% of your invitees will not attend your wedding. The probability has lead many people to exceed the capacity of their venue and over-invite, in hopes that people will not RSVP. This is playing with fire, to say the least, since it can result in a lack of space and cause safety concerns if more people attend. Make sure to only invite the number of guests that can be safely accommodated.

Makeup and Hair Trials

Brides, listen up! It’s crucial to arrange a trial session with your hairstylists and makeup artists. Yes, even if they have worked on your hair and face before. Not only does a test run give you a concrete insight into your bridal appearance but you can also experiment with varying styles and looks.

Capturing the Special Day

Take your time to research and invest in a good wedding photographer and videographer. You two will only get married once and looking back on the day will always bring back sweet memories. Moreover, make sure to give your crew precise instructions about the kind of angles, shots, and moments you would like to be captured.

Prioritize the Venue

Soon-to-weds often make the mistake of buying outfits for their special day before finalizing the venue and general theme of the wedding. Why is this problematic? Imagine falling in love with an outdoor beach-side venue but your clothes scream fancy banquet hall. So it’s always a good idea to select an ideal place first and then the perfect attire to match it.

Speaking of an outdoor venue, make sure to also have a plan in place to combat unexpected rainy weather. If it comes to it, you’ll be happy you went the extra mile.

Select Fraserview Banquet Hall

Picking a venue is hands-down the most time-consuming, yet rewarding part of a wedding. Fraserview makes the choice easy for you! Located on Fraser Street in Vancouver BC, our venue consists of three halls of varying sizes that are beautifully decorated and include a dance floor and beverage bar.
We also provide you with excellent presentation, flawless services, state of the art lighting, sound system and video equipment.

Visit our website to take a look at various pictures and floor plans. You may also call to speak with us at 604-322-6526.